Enterprise Resource Management Tool

Enterprise Resource Management Tool

A custom tool was developed to track and assign resources to various projects. 

The Enterprise Resource Management Tool streamlined the request for resources and handled subsequent allocation to various projects.


  • Data store for active projects and available resources that could be allocated to the projects
  • User interface for requesting resources
  • Workflow for routing resource requests and providing approvals
  • Role based security
  • Reports for resource availability and project staffing


Optimize resource allocation


Dashboard that collects data from various sources and consolidates into a central location.


The components of Resource Management Tool:

  1. Two data sources to load initial data and subsequent maintenance
    1. Resource Pool
    2. Project Portfolio
  2. Resource Allocation Work Flow
    1. Request Initiation
      1. Initiate requests for resources for specific projects
      2. Resource request notification sent to Strategic Resource Manager (SRM)
    2. Resource Allocation
      1. Assign resources to specific projects against resource requests
      2. Resource Allocation notification sent to manager and requester once assigned
    3. Manager Approval
      1. Manager Approval notification for Resources assigned sent to requester, SRM, manager and resource once approved
  3. Reports
    1. Resource availability by time (Gantt chart view)
    2. Resource allocation versus resource request by project (project staffing)


 Microsoft SQL Server ,SharePoint, .NET