Material Analysis & Tracking

Material Analysis & Tracking

We developed a Material Analytics & Tracking model for product lifecycle.

A Client wanted an application that could automate workflow, approvals, analysis of raw materials information related to various stages of the product lifecycle from raw material to finished period.


Provide material lineage and tracking through the product development life cycle and respond in timely fashions for re-calls, audits and customer complaints.


A semantic based application using tools ANZO based EXCEL spreadsheetfront end that provides access to track and enter data related to various stages of product lifecycle. The data automatically updates at the centralized sematic data store with a web-based analytical views.


  • Receives data from various spreadsheets
  • Customized ANZO for EXCEL 
  • Data store to collect data whenever it is updated in the EXCEL spreadsheet.
  • Easy to configure EXCEL for the data collection needs
  • Analysis Reports
  • Online analytical reports


Sharepoint Addin for EXCEL, Sharepoint data collaboration server, MS SQL server 2005, ISS 6.0 or above