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Introducing Intuceo® —your trusted thought partner

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Robust—Intuceo® uncovers hidden actionable insights

Intuceo is the apex of machine learning. It extracts patterns and builds models using a wide variety of standard algorithms and ensemble methods, augmented by proprietary Intuceo algorithms. It reveals not only the “what” behind the data (i.e., the predicted outcomes), but also the “why” and the “how”.

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Intuitive—Intuceo® works with you

Intuceo surfaces actionable insights and translates them into easy-to-understand rules and visualizations as simple as English. It helps to guide your thinking and drive your decision making. It even allows you to explore scenarios so you can discover which strategies will have the most business impact and yield the highest value.

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Fast—Intuceo’s automated framework shortens the cycle time…

… from inputs to results, enabling you to outthink, outpace, and outmaneuver your competition. It helps position you as the game changer, disruptor, or first mover in almost any area of your business. Intuceo’s speed and efficiency are particularly apparent during preprocessing, insight generation, and model building, which demand significant time and expertise using traditional tools.

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Cost-effective—Intuceo® is competitively priced…

…and its high productivity also helps to reduce operating costs for maximal analytic and predictive ROI. Your existing business intelligence (BI) is bolstered, delivering more knowledge and therefore more value with only nominally more investment.

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Patent-pending analytic and predictive engines