Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search

A search platform was developed to enable enhanced search capabilities across various systems within the enterprise.


  • Google type search interface, applications and filter facets customized for business function( R&D labs, Compliance, Legal, Clinical, Manufacturing , Customer handling, Quality).
  • Unified information access for enterprise content with structured and unstructured data (Internal & External systems, Databases, Documents, Text files, Video, OCR , drawings, notes and legacy systems PLM, Sharepoint, FDA, social network chatter etc.)
  • Single point of entry for search , BI reporting and collaboration.


  • Unified search interface to fetch information from various internal and external systems
  • Reduce information discovery by 80%, enabling scientists to focus their efforts on other tasks
  • Shorten compliance review cycles



A knowledge engineering portal for structured and unstructured data with search and BI capabilities combined to better leverage knowledge and experience.


COVEO Enterprise Search, .NET Connectors, Optical Character Recognition, iFilters & CAV, Text Analytics & Qlikview