Capacity Planning & Tracking

Capacity Planning & Tracking

Our Team developed a custom tool for a  global manufacturing client to track, analyze and report the production plant capacity plan vs. actual.


Automated the excel based data collection, reporting to a self service BI apps with data collection, executive dashboards, reporting and ad-hoc analytics.


Provide a dashboard that collects data from various sources and consolidates the data into one central location.


  • Dashboard – The chart shows total fleet capacity for 2012 including actual till month to date, based on last year, restarts, new lines and improved performance
  • Summary of annual performance goals; Fleet capacity show what is done and what is projected
  • Variance analysis, Report plant downtime and productivity reporting
  • Drill down to product, location, technology and plant level
  • Data verification and validation against database and excel based files
  • On-demand data loads


Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Qlikview, Microsoft EXCEL Files, SAP BW