Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Job Summary

Experienced statistical/operations research analyst in various analytical disciplines, such as linear and constraint programming, modeling, simulation, time series analysis, text analytics, multivariate analysis, and other various predictive analytics techniques. This role will have experience querying and analyzing large data sets using traditional structured data base tools and “big data” tools for unstructured data to generate actionable insights and solutions.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Identify meaningful insights from large data and metadata sources
  • Interprets and communicates insights and findings from analysis and experiments
  • Implements solutions into executable business processes and effectively communicates complex analytical concepts to users and management
  • Demonstrates a commitment to customer service; anticipates, meets, and exceeds expectations by solving problems quickly and effectively; making customer issues a priority
  • Exchanges knowledge and information with other local and off-shore team to ensure best practices are shared throughout the organization
  • Understand and embrace the business and IT strategic direction
  • May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned

Education & Experience Requirements

  • Masters degree in Statistics/Mathematics preferred. Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Preferred 5-8+ years experience preferred in:
    • Computer Science or Operations Research
    • Data mining, statistical modeling or optimization projects using tools or languages such as SPSS, SAS, MATLAB, iLog, R, Python, Azure Machine Learning
    • Working on a variety of advanced analytics projects with good understanding of the different stages of an analytics project
    • Databases, data mapping, data validation, and data transformation
  • Preferred experience in data management or database technologies
  • Or an equivalent combination of education, training or experience